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Who will outrightly deny that they have not benefited from digital technology and internet services? Where do we start, is it the internet services we enjoy every day or the availability of mobile phones and the entirety of the multimedia?

The presence of digital technology and internet services has made workflow faster and easier, the world has become a global village, buying and selling are at their best and communication at their peak. All these were made possible with the advent of digital technology and internet service.

This quote from Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft sums it all up about digital technology and internet service: “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it. So, it is part of everyday life”

Evidently, there is no doubt that digital technology and internet services have become not just a part but a whole of humanity.

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You may be wondering, ‘why a whole of humanity?’The world in the 20th century experienced a paradigm shift from mechanical and analog technologies to digital technology.

Digital technology and internet services birthed a whole new level of transformation in traditional productions and business techniques.

Because of this invention, today, you barely see a business that does not use these tools to boost their public with the sole aim of making profits.

So, we see it reflect not just in the business area but amongst religious groups, in building family ties and having a strong impact on the socio-economic status of the world at large.

A feasible example of this new wave is the world wide web, internet services, mobile phones, and sophisticated computer devices.

Digital technology transformed and totally affected the way companies and individuals interact, which is why today it has become a whole of humanity.



Digital technology and internet services enhance the customer experience as well as customers satisfaction by creating a favorable platform where you can easily interact with your customers. Also, find out their interests, get reviews in order to improve your product and services.

Not only does it help you retain customers but expands your public through referrals, page shares, and likes for social media platforms and so much more.

Check out the article on SEO for Small Business or Marketing Near Me, to find out more on how to use digital technology and internet services to improve your business.


With digital technology and internet services, students can now have direct access to learning materials. Teachers are allowed to create and manage groups with ease.

Distance is no longer a barrier to learning as you can easily connect with your teacher regardless of the geographical distance.


As an employee, with the digital technology and internet services, you enjoy an increase in flexibility and can easily connect with clients from every part of the world provided there is internet service.


One of the advantages of digital technology in the music business is that you can have easy access to music anywhere and everywhere. By streaming on sites, you can choose to listen to any music of your choice.

This technology creates an avenue whereby artists meet with themselves, collaborate, and gain a wider fan club.

To add to the list, social media and websites create a platform where these artists can easily receive reviews about their works and devise better ways to improve their sound.

Digital technology and internet services contribute to the growth of every workforce, be it the health sector, education, business, arts, communications and so much more.



To analyze your company’s financial information, send and receive emails you need good computers that can carry out these tasks for you. This will enable you to manage your business in a more productive and efficient way.

The 5g network

digital technology and internet services

This technology is a primary way to transfer data faster and with ease from machine to machine to boost communication. It enables you to get your products and services to your customers quickly; this is one of the surest technologies to employ.

Electronic mail

digital technology and internet services

Electronic mail known as email for short enhances networking between businesses and customers. With it, you can share information and updates about your products and services with your customers.

This is essential in growing your business as it builds customer relationships.

Search engine optimization

digital technology and internet services

Search engine optimization is applicable to businesses that have an effective website. It enables you to draw traffic to your website by making it one of the first five search engine results.

For your business, the SEO maximizes the visibility of your website and content to its viewers

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