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Top on the list of Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta; SEO, Advertising, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, B2B, and many more discussed in this article.

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Search Engine Optimization Companies Near Me

Grow your local business with the best search engine optimization company

Do you own a website for your local business or do you intend to develop one to grow your small business? Choosing the right SEO company will enable you to achieve this goal.

The importance of working with the most reliable SEO specialists cannot be overemphasized, as increased website traffic is not just all that there is with search engine optimization in digital marketing.

When you work with a reliable search engine optimization company, you get to:

With SEO companies like i800 at your beck and call, digital marketing is made easy for you.

Our team of professionals is set to:

  • Build you a site that is optimized for peak performance and search engines,
  • Build you a user-friendly website
  • Customizable with the best website designers at your disposal
  • A website easy to display on every device
  • Optimize site loading speed
  • Provide daily or weekly backups based on agreements, so you don’t lose your site.
  • Use functionality add-ons to ensure that your site performs better and
  • Generate contents that will give you an edge over competitors

It is in our character that we do not just serve you but also provide you and your business the opportunity to learn and understand how you can benefit from local business marketing SEO.

Hence, we have carefully designed a local business marketing course just for you:

We are created to achieve greatness and are targeted towards giving you the best quality!


Biggest Social Media Marketing Agency

Looking for the best social media marketing agency for your business?

Apart from owning a website, social media marketing is a great way of utilizing digital marketing for your small business. And If your customers and clients are on social media then, there is every need for your business to be there. Social media marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient tools for digital marketing in growing your small business.

Social media marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that can take you off-market if you do not engage it for your small business. Work with the top and best agencies like i800 and get your desired results!

And If at all you have tried to achieve growth using the following social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and all effort proved abortive then, there is something that you are missing!

The good news is:

Adding to the list, i800 in giving you the best results;

  • Will aid in identifying sponsor and partner leverage opportunities
  • Develop your content
  • Implement your social media strategy and
  • Monitor activities and reviews

What are you waiting for?

Instantly grow your small business, improve your email list, increase sales and generate more leads with the number one top marketing agency.

Click marketing with i800services to get started!

Best Content Development Agency

If you own a website and a good number of social media pages the next thing you should be looking at is how to drive leads and conversions with good content.

How fulfilling is it to get a digital marketing agency that knows how to carve the right words capable of turning visitors into potential customers/buyers? I suppose, only those who have worked with the best digital marketing agency good at content development can testify to this.

No doubt, there is a list of the best content marketing agencies and companies that have worked tirelessly over the years to make sure potential clients get their desired results.

But, how can you tell which is good enough to understand your business, your target audience, their needs and generate original content that will keep your business ahead of other competitors?

All these questions and many more i800 will answer and provide feasible results for you.

Here’s how:

We capture: by setting clear goals

Conceptualize: by developing a design vision

Create: we put efforts together to ensure you have the best content

Cultivate: by cultivating we analyze

Commercialize: measure return on investment and optimize

For great and converting content for your small business website and social media pages, i800 is at your call, and beck, learn more about how we can make it happen for you.

Here is a discount link on how to promote and grow the new business without losing money. This will give you insight on how to get people’s attention through great content, at the end turning them into potential buyers. And if you want to browse listings of all the best courses, here is a list of 60 Customized services.

And here is another discount link on how to reach 1,000,000 people as i800 VIP. This is 13 hours of video tutorials, and tips on online marketing, advanced social media marketing, search engine optimization, and much more.

And if you just started your small business and are new to digital marketing, check out this how to grow a business, which you might also find very helpful as you work on building your company.

Best Business Online Reputation Management Company

Are you looking for the best business online reputation management company to manage your business’s existing negative comments or reviews? Manage your business online reviews? And help build a good reputation for your brand?

i800 online reputation management services employ a combination of strategies to build and maintain a positive reputation or repair a negative one for your business.

This is no doubt your best bet for your local business online reputation management as our services include:

  • Content removal – Complete removal of unwanted content from search engines.
  • Negative Content Suppression- Through content creation, optimization, and promotion the work to replace negative content with positive content to highlight your accomplishments.
  • PR Crisis Management – Effective communication and mitigation strategies for negative PR events.
  • Review Solutions – Management of review acquisition, negative review removal, local directory listing update,
  • Wikipedia Editing & Monitoring – Services to manage and monitor Wiki pages.
  • Brand Building – Solutions to build your brand’s authority and reputation online.

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Even More Reputation Management

For the best experience working with our team of experts, here’s a list of  strategies we employ to manage your online reputation in order to serve you better:

  • Content creation
  • Review acquisition and management
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Crisis management, and
  • online monitoring and reporting

I wrote a marketing book full of actionable strategies to help your business get exposure. It teaches you the strategies I used to reach 1,000,000 for my business. The book is about 150 pages long. Here is a full description of my marketing your name. Here is the marketing of your image.

If you prefer watching videos instead of reading books, I created a few online courses that teach you how to be a great marketer. The courses are mostly video-based. Here is the advanced social media marketing for reputation management, SEO goals, affiliate marketing consultation, and the full marketing plan and strategy to excel among your competitors.

Profitable Direct Mail Services Atlanta: How Door to Door Mailing Works

Are you aware that direct mail services will not only get you to reach out to potential customers but help you acquire new customers?

This is possible via direct mail marketing material or products mailed directly to the homes of your customers or the offices of business buyers. Examples include postcards with an offer, catalogs that display goods, coupons, church posters, concert flyers, solicitation letters from nonprofits, or free samples sent by businesses.

Direct mail is a strategy used by business marketers to engage prospects and customers offline. With direct mail, customers can receive printed promotional materials from business owners using postal or courier services.

And with our online mapping tool, every door-to-door direct mail delivery service is made easy for you, economically planned with mailings perfectly executed.


How To Order Direct Mail

Direct-mail marketing is a method of selling in which the seller’s offer is made through the mass mailing of a circular or catalog or through an advertisement placed in a newspaper or magazine where the buyer places an order by mail.

To Order a Direct Mail, Follow These 5 easy steps:

  1. Upload Your  Postcard Design: We offer postcard sizes that are compliant with US post office
  2. Select The Target Mailbox Date: this is a careful consideration of the exact date you want your customers to receive your cards.
  3. Select Routes: with our online mapping tool you can easily choose your target routes, enabling you to see the counts and total costs including postage.
  4. Select Business Category: if you already have an art file for your business, then all you need do is upload it but if not we can arrange for one of our designers to customize a postcard for your business
  5. Order: Delivery service is made easy for you, economically planned with mailings perfectly executed.

With a modern approach to a traditional marketing strategy, the future of the direct mail order business will look brighter than ever LEARN MORE

Direct Mail Vs Email Marketing

Most people consider direct mail marketing to be archaic while email marketing is more of an advanced way of marketing.

With technology advancing, the world is evolving and so is marketing. And today, there are more channels through which you can promote your business thanks to the internet and mobile devices. For online marketing, there is email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. While offline there is direct mail marketing, signage, and telesales.

But depending on how you want your target audience to discover and interact with you, you can choose to employ any or both of the marketing strategies considering the different ways you want your target audience to discover and interact with you.

For email marketing, it is also known as electronic mail. It is a mode of direct communication and unlike direct mail, you don’t receive anything physically. Email is delivered to your virtual inbox where you can go to view, forward, and respond to messages – personal or promotional.

On the other hand, direct mail marketing is also known as door-to-door marketing, whenever you receive a piece of print advertising in your mailbox, it is direct mail marketing.

The difference between the two is:

  • Direct mail is offline while email marketing is online
  • Direct mail costs more while email marketing costs less
  • Direct mail covers a specific target audience while email marketing can cover a wider audience in no time.

But, it is gathered that the average lifespan of an email is just 2 seconds, and brand recall directly after seeing a digital ad is just 44%, compared to direct mail which has a brand recall of 75%. This is simply a result of the constant bombardment of emails from marketers to consumers in their virtual inboxes making them have less and less tolerance for email marketing.

And as the effectiveness of email marketing declines the response to direct mail is on the rise, and printed media becomes a more trusted form of consumer engagement.

However, direct mail and email work better in support of each other. This is how: you could send an email to make your subscribers aware of the promotion you’re having. You could then follow it up with a direct mail campaign as a reminder to your customers to take advantage of a limited-time promotion.

When creating a direct marketing campaign define your aims and choose the best marketing combination to support them.

Costs OF Digital Marketing

Are you considering implementing a digital marketing campaign to grow your small business but experiencing throbbing questions like: is digital marketing worth the trial and effort? How much do I have to invest in digital marketing to get results? Will digital marketing help me reach my long-term goals? Is digital marketing a strategy I can implement on my own? If yes, how? If not, which agency has the best offers?

To answer your questions, yes digital marketing is worth every effort! The world is evolving and so is technology. Businesses are taking different shapes by adopting digital marketing campaigns to grow and reach out to wider audiences. To add that, digital marketing is more effective and less expensive than print advertising, TV and radio ads, and direct mail. If done well, the ROI of digital marketing will last you months and years of positive results. However, involving a digital marketing agency with expertise like i800 will buy you this.

The price range to get SEO advance operations for a small business differs from that of a large business. Large companies may need to optimize more than 1000 web pages while small businesses own fewer web pages and social media pages. But for the purpose of the subject matter, we will be looking at the cost of digital marketing for small businesses:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Considered as one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, SEO consists of website optimization, webpage structuring, keyword researching, search intent, content development, and content optimization which is completely free. All you need to do is use a google search engine if you have mastered the expertise on how to do it, but if not you have to consider outsourcing to an SEO expert or agency. Verifying the claims of an agency by Interviewing them, asking for references, and checking for online reviews will enable them to know if they can solve your SEO problem.

  1. Social Media Advertising Costs

Social media advertising cost ranges from as little as $100/month to $10,000/month. However, it’s common for social media advertising costs to fall between $3,000-$7,000 per month, depending on the platform, the target audience and its size, and the frequency of posts and ads.

Interestingly, just as with SEO you can choose to do your social media advertising yourself or outsource a freelancer or social media advertising agency.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

As you know, when people have questions about issues relating to their needs, they run to google in search of answers, advertising on the search engine gives you the opportunity to meet and reach people at the point of their need and this you do through Pay Per Click.

One of the largest PPC advertising platforms is Google Ads,  a marketing strategy where the advertiser pays for ad clicks or impressions. This PPC online advertising platform allows advertisers to display their ads on Google’s search engine network.

On average, small to medium-sized businesses spend between $9,000 to $10,000 monthly (that’s $100,000 to $120,000 per year). The average cost of an ad on Google’s network is about $1 to 2$ per click.

When it comes to marketing, there’s a lot of variability in cost. Here is a tutorial about some additional digital marketing and customer acquisition costs that are more difficult to notice.

Best Call Center Support Services Chicago; Understand Call Value

Customer’s call service demands are rapidly on the increase, most customers expect fast response and easy access to customer support service across several channels, and service that satisfies their needs. If not met with excellent customer service, it will result in a loss of sales for your business.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have what it takes to meet up with the modern customer service demands solely because there may not be enough time to shuffle between meeting customer service demands and handling other essential business tasks, apart from being time-consuming these demands can also be expensive to manage.

Do you find your business in this category and are looking for the best call center support service? The price, reviews, and services offered are important factors when choosing the best outsourced call center solutions.

And with i800 call center support service, we not only focus on customer call services but can be a valuable part of your business by handling everything from technical support to lead generation.

What’s your pick, an inbound call center service or outbound telemarketing service? CALL US Now

Best Data-Driven Search Engine Optimization Companies Near Me; We Make Sure You Reach Your Target Market

Need a professional SEO for your website? Welcome to

i800 is the best data-driven search engine optimization company in Atlanta. We are a group of SEO professionals, data visualization experts, software and content developers, and supple marketers ready to give you the full technical support and integrated marketing guidelines you need as a small business owner, real estate company, law firm agent, NGO, or financial institution to displace dozens of other providers – by helping you achieve higher organic SEO rankings and excellent online visibility

Our internet marketing services speak volumes for B2B companies and B2C organizations in terms of website ranking, traffic generation, and lead conversions. These measurable results are due to the unique ways we handle each search engine marketing – SEM project, online sales promotion, content development and marketing, online reputation management, and social media marketing.

i800 offers are affordable as our SEO packages are designed to suit your budget and meet your business goals. We offer a long tail keyword research service and optimize your website pages using keyword phrases that suit your buyer’s intent.

Could you be seeking the best way to increase your brand awareness and promote your products and services via digital marketing? CONTACT US now let’s solve all your SEO problems.

Best Catholic Church Marketing Company; What Are People Thinking When You Randomly Invite Them To Church

It takes more than a bulletin or a short message at the pulpit to create a good impression about your church/parish.

Are you finding it difficult to engage your members online and reach out to a larger audience?

The goal of church marketing is to ensure that the gospel of Christ is spread abroad, with good imagery in place and the right contents.

It will interest you to know that nine out of 10 potential visitors will check out your parish website before they walk into your place of worship for Mass. This is why a clean, easy-to-navigate website is so important when it comes to attracting new members and engaging current ones.

On another hand, it may matter to you or seem stressful handling all the nitty-gritty involved with a website and social media pages while trying to keep up with mass, not to worry much – i800 services makes church marketing quite easy and cost-efficient!

Reach, evangelize, and catechize your faith community by joining our list of VIPs to enjoy SPECIAL OFFERS

General Introduction To Church Marketing

The first time you came across the word Church Marketing, what came to mind? ‘Oh well, it’s a church, are they supposed to be involved with marketing?’ Lol, the thoughts of many I suppose.

But hey! With digital marketing advancing rapidly, people utilize every platform – online or offline to sell their products, and as a Christian, spreading the gospel of Christ is more like a product or service.

In a recent survey by Gallup, it was gathered that just 47% of Americans belonged to a church, a figure which went down from 70% in 1999. Now you see the reason why online church marketing is crucial in this digital era.

Is your church experiencing a decline in attendance, participation, and running out of ideas? With church marketing, you can spread awareness about your church, welcome new congregation members, and raise critical funds for your programs and operations.

To do this, you need to; build a team, set goals, define your audience, set a budget, establish a brand identity, craft your message, identify distribution channels, and document a fundraising strategy.

To learn more, here is an introductory church marketing that explains how to balance costs, targeting, volume, and conversion in your marketing efforts.

4 elements of a great church marketing

  1. Build a team

Nobody is an island of knowledge so, no one person has to do it alone and feel responsible for everything. This team of managers may include church heads, youths, and volunteers, the team for your church marketing will ensure you achieve your goals.

  1. Set goals

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals will enable you and your team to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

  1. Define your audience

For most churches, the most important audience to market to is going to be your existing congregation. That’s because word of mouth is a powerful tool when marketing your church.

In digital marketing, these persons will enable you to share your content with friends and families so the church can reach a wider audience.

       4. Set a budget

Word of mouth can be (mostly) free. But, it’s still a good idea to have a marketing budget for some ads, print materials, and other marketing expenses. It can also be worthwhile to hire someone to manage your church marketing ideas and efforts. Recommendable, a digital marketing agency to help run all your online errands, and unarguably, i800 services will take care of this.


Best Law Firm Web Design Houston; AIDA Your Business With For SEO Focused Web Designing

You are an attorney and thriving to take part in digital marketing to enable you to get more clients but all efforts you have made so far proved abortive? This is why i800 is here to serve you better and satisfy your desire by helping you achieve your law firm goals.

According to research conducted by Google, customers are likely to choose a website based on the visual complexity (VC) and pro- to typicality which affects their aesthetic ratings. In the literal sense, the design of your website and the kind of content that goes on it will determine if visitors will be converted to potential clients/customers or not.

Having said that, it is important to know the right website components you should focus on when building your website and why these components are important, and the relevance of AIDA – attention, interest, design, action marketing principles to your business/career. This will enable you to increase conversions on your website.

For AIDA, you should know that: design demands attention, key messages generate interest, content must correlate with customers’ desires and there must be a drive for the call to action.

This is what you get if you decide to work with us: is it a new website you are in need of, or you need to redesign or you currently have a website but are dissatisfied, we have the best offers to suit every law firm size and budget.

Our offers are:

  • A semi-custom and fully custom website created on an open-source CMS like WordPress.
  • We generate multiple designs based on your law firm’s unique aspects.
  • Develop a website that loads quickly and is free of bugs
  • With contents specific to the law firm’s practice areas, we optimize for each search engine optimization best practice.
  • With meta-titles and meta-descriptions that makes your page of the copy stand out.
  • And finally set up a web hosting for your site that is fast and reliable.

Let the outlook of your website serve as a verification source for users each time they visit.

Since the market has gone digital, your website is like a digital storefront, users should feel comfortable in your ability as a lawyer and that your law firm is successful enough to handle their issues.

Stay competitive with a professional-looking website! Contact Us Today And Get Started.

How to create an amazing first-time impression (Online Digital Marketing)

The law of first impression in digital marketing states that: Potential customers will judge your business based on their first impression. The first impression of you will determine if they like you if what they see and read about your business will push them into doing business with you or not. And you would not want to jeopardize that, would you? The answer is no!

It is paramount to note that: you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so thrive to make the best out of the first.

Through other digital marketing strategies like SEO,  What impressions are you leaving? Is the description of your business online outdated and does not match your current offerings? Are negative reviews the first thing customers come across when they search your business? How is a potential customer greeted over the phone when they contact your business?

If it takes you a while to reflect and give answers to the above-listed questions then, something is definitely wrong with the impressions you create for your online digital marketing.

So why leave what people see about your business to chance when you can take charge and control what they see about you? To boost your online presence and create lasting impressions, here are ways to keep potential customers interested in what you sell or the services you render.

  1. Professional headshots

The look and feel of your online business on your website or any other social media pages should be of great concern to you. Keeping pictures, blogs and necessary information customers are likely to look out for up-to-date should not be an uphill task. Potential customers should be able to derive satisfaction from what they see on your website. Remember consistency is key and every content should be in synchrony with every other online presence you create.

  1. Social media profiles

To some customers, visiting your website may seem too professional for them and they will prefer to build a network with your business on social media. Facebook, for instance, enables them to access information and give you the opportunity to stay in touch with new and returning customers.

  1. Video content

One of the ways people lookout for information about your business is through videos. What can they see about your business?. Is it convincing enough for them to want to buy or sell? A well-edited video helps boost the online presence of your business and the quality determines if your customers can trust you.

  1. Online reviews and comments

Yelp, Facebook, google my business allow anyone to leave reviews for products and services. Controlling what people say and see about you will save a great deal of your business. It is an important part of digital marketing you should not overlook, so many businesses lurk around because of one or two bad reviews. When customers leave reviews, reply gracefully and politely it goes a long way to tell visitors who they are dealing with.

  1. Published content

Regularly publish informative and educational content about your products and services. This enables your customers to trust your business and give them relevant information on why they enjoy certain benefits on some products or services.

What kind of a photo to choose for Facebook and Google Ad Campaign

Pictures just like words communicate, and if your choice of picture is not communicating your product or services, then, you may end up confusing your customers.

For your Facebook ad:

  • Choose a Facebook ad image that is directly relevant to your product or service.

  • Use a Facebook ad image that is bright and eye-catching, even when viewed at a small size

  • Avoid Facebook ad images that have many small details or text and opt for something simple instead.

Notably, your image should have a wow factor that attracts people and also meet the image requirements for the advertising platform involved.

Here’s a practical example:

Ad TypeFile typeFile size limitDimensions
Facebook – single-image adJPG or PNG30MB1200 x 628 px
Facebook – carousel ad


30MB1080 x 1080 px
Google – landscapeJPG1MB1200 x 628 px
Google – squareJPG1MB1200 x 1200 px

Lead Generation (The How and Why together with the photo)

A visitor on your website is not yet a customer until there is a desired interest for a product/service which could lead to possible sales. With lead generation, visitors are converted to potential customers by collecting a visitor’s contact information (called a “lead”) via a web form.

Collecting new leads allows the businesses to educate and nurture prospective customers through email marketing, before reaching out to qualified leads directly via salespeople.


There are two ways lead generation works, first is by generating traffic to your site and secondly,  by convincing visitors to share their contact information with you.

For the first step, the key ways businesses use to drive traffic are: search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, display ads, content creation which have been intensively discussed.

Once a lead has been created the lead becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and the digital marketing team will begin nurturing the lead via marketing campaigns. This nurturing process typically involves marketing automation campaigns to specific email lists to follow-up with content that helps to educate and persuade the prospects to eventually mature into sales leads.

After a lead has been nurtured, a prospect can be convinced to make an inbound purchase on the website or by reaching out to a salesperson, turning them into a sales-qualified lead.

Join i800 VIPs

Since there is no one strategy for keeping up with digital marketing, Join our customer VIP list today and get the most recent updates with exclusive discounts to services we render.

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How to Customise Service (cheapest to expensive budget)

You will agree with me that though, without the knowledge of expertise in digital marketing, you can go ahead to DIY but in order to get a long-lasting and effective result, it is wise to involve a professional digital marketing agency to help your small business grow.

But one challenging factor for small businesses is that getting a website and local marketing support can be expensive. This is because their budgets are small and do not meet up with the demands or cost prices of digital marketers.

Not to worry, i800services has an affordable option to meet your demands. We have created a business model that allows us to offer a wide range of customizable services at reasonable prices.

Here’s a list of the strategies we employ for small businesses with small budgets:

We choose to be affordable

By choosing to be affordable, we make our offers available for all business types. We believe in the value of small businesses, and we believe that they should have access to the same high-quality services that larger businesses can afford. As a result, we make sure that our expertise is priced in such a way that anyone can take advantage of our help when they need it.

We offer customizable services.

Here at i800, we provide as little or as much support as you need on your marketing journey. That is why our toolbox of services is totally customizable. Choose, and pay for, only what you need. With that kind of choice, you can easily fit skilled digital marketing support into your available budget.

Our team is distributed

In addition to our location, our team structure contributes to lower prices. Here at i800, we do not have a physical location. Instead, our team is distributed. This means that we can run our business without the expense of paying for and maintaining a building and offices for our team. Lower overhead costs mean we spend less money running our business. We then use those savings to create affordable prices for our services. The result? Our customers enjoy our expertise and watch their marketing blossom without wondering how to pay for the high prices that digital marketing often entails.

We focus on building long-term relationships

Because our customers are our priority here at i800, we want to build long-term relationships that allow us to offer local marketing support over the course of months or years. That is one of the reasons that every customer is connected to a local marketing advisor who personalised their services to their needs.

These relationships would be difficult to forge with high prices that would only allow for a one-time partnership between us and a client. As a result, we focus on keeping prices competitive so companies like you can experience the benefits of ongoing website support.

When you choose i800, you choose a company whose focus is on creating a top-notch experience for you, the customer. And, we back that commitment up with a business model that minimizes our expenses so we can charge competitive prices.

Instant Services (Mistakes NOT to make with your marketing projects)

Digital marketing with complex strategies like SEO, Content creating, and Paid to advertise if not carefully implemented can be tricky enough to make you lose sales in business. To avoid mistakes when running your marketing projects, here are digital marketing mistakes that you must avoid:

  1. Lacking realistic digital marketing smart goals

Every known business thrives on carefully planned and set goals. Your business will be hitting the rocks if you do not set campaign goals that will help boost the efficiency of your online business.  To begin your campaign use smart goals:

  • Specific: Goals must aim to achieve a precise action.
  • Measurable: You must set trackable goals. When you know what you want to accomplish, you can determine relevant data and metrics.
  • Achievable: Goals must-have digital marketing objectives that you can achieve.
  • Realistic: A good goal should stay within the means of your budget and resources.
  • Time-sensitive: Setting deadlines will help keep your team on track and motivated.
  1. Targeting the wrong audience

The burning desire to reach everyone and end up having no one buying your product or services is one mistake you must avoid. This is where your SMART goals take effect, with a smart goal in place you should be clear and specific on your type of audience based on their demographics, interests, hobbies, and buying habits

  1. Ignoring the relevance of your website design

You need a user-friendly website that’s easy to use and provides valuable information to thrive in today’s digital world. No visitor will want to spend their time on a slow website, If you don’t put effort into optimizing your site to ensure that users get a positive experience, you will definitely fall behind your competition

  1. Doing away with search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is key and one of the ways to increase the conversion rate of your business when customers find your website. If you ignore this then probably you are saying ‘you do not need more sales’ see how search engine optimization is relevant for your small business here.

  1. Ignoring growing brand identity with blogging

Blogs are one of the best ways to build your brand identity and authority, but many businesses don’t have one, or they abandon their blogging efforts after a few posts because they feel it’s not working. Blog posts play a critical role in helping you drive traffic to your site, improve your site’s rank on search engines and SEO, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Without blogging, you’ll miss all the opportunities blogging offers for helping your business grow online.

  1. Neglecting social media marketing

An average user on social media spends 28% of their internet time online, social media marketing is a tool that you can use to drive leads and conversions increase brand awareness and loyalty, save money spent on traditional marketing and Improve customer experience. Unfortunately, most businesses neglect this aspect of digital marketing.

How do you avoid these mistakes? Rely on experts to handle your digital marketing strategy. Partner with marketing experts like our team of professionals at i800 to help you get the most out of your campaign without lifting a finger. We are rated as the best digital marketing agency in Atlanta, created to help you achieve greatness and targeted towards giving you the best quality.

Our focus is on driving results for your business. In the last five years, we’ve generated $1.9 billion in revenue, 4.1 million leads, and 3.2 million phone calls for our clients.

GET STARTED or call us at  +1.404.563.7377 to learn more about our digital marketing packages!

How To Do Your Online Digital Marketing & Who You Should Trust For ROI?

Businesses continue to take shelter in digital marketing while the quest for experts in the field is continually on the increase.

For a start, take These steps to guide you on how to do your digital marketing:

  1. Create an Online Presence

Create your own digital marketing website, social media accounts that are linked to websites you have built, portfolios, etc. this will enable customers to learn more about your business and the product/services you offer.

  1. Know the Latest Trends

Digital marketing is always moving and continues to evolve. You need to keep up with the latest trends for upgrades and updates on your website and social media pages.

You can do this by attending virtual seminars, taking online classes, and doing your best to stay ahead of the game rather than simply keeping up with it.

  1. Use Your Creativity

Digital marketing is built on creativity, so if you have an idea that you think will work, give it a try. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that you will be noticed and land that dream job.

  1. Learn about Analytics

In order to know how successful your marketing campaigns are, you need to understand analytics. This is the data that shows how well or how poorly a campaign is doing and helps you to figure out how to make things better the next time around. It’s not a big deal if you have little or no idea about this, there are many online classes you can take on your own time that will help you to learn about and understand how analytics work, and how to use them.

After considering the steps listed above and you still find it tasking get your desired return on investment, then you should outsource for expertise in the field that will help you get the value for your investment.

I800 services are the right digital marketing agency you should trust for your ROI. Why is that? Because we are a group of professionals with years of experience and positive results and reviews from clients we have worked with in past times.

Where small businesses benefit from SEO

Born out of the desire to socialize with brands, people are looking for unique and streamlined online experiences that will enable them to operate on their own terms. This and many more digital marketing provides and in order to stay competitive, businesses will need to adjust their digital presence to be more visible, valuable, and available to their customers. And one crucial way to do that is to focus on SEO for your small business website.

Why is SEO essential for your small business in 2022? Let’s take a look at what implementing it could do for your small business and how it can become one of your most effective marketing strategies.

Benefits of SEO for small business

Instead of paying for traditional print ads or sponsored posts, taking the time and effort to understand SEO basics, and possibly investing in a few tools, can lead to greater long-term value for your business. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider leveraging organic search for your business.

1. Brings in more customers through organic search

Out of every 100%, 53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search and 60% of quality leads come from SEO-engaged customers. The percentage is higher because customers are searching for solutions, and by being one of the top results you are fulfilling a need.

It is necessary to be seen by customers but this can only be possible if you are ranking first on google search. Climbing to the top position can almost double your click-through rate over the number two spot. By getting your site on the front page, you make your brand highly visible and showcase that you’re a trustworthy resource.

2. Creates a trustworthy web experience for customers

Being on the front page of google search does not only increase traffic on your website but guarantees your business the trust of your customers. This trust is an added advantage as you get to see new and returning customers visiting your site every now and then. Not just that, it is a good way to say that you offer them the best quality and they enjoy every experience they receive. That’s why the technical elements of SEO, such as page speed, backlinks, and other authority-building elements are so crucial to the success of your business online.

3. Encourages you to focus on user experience

Speaking of your web experience, a core element of SEO that continues to grow in necessity is optimizing user experience. For businesses, this just means that you need to focus on the needs of your customers. What do they want to know? What would they want to do next? What other information, resources, or services can you provide them?

By prioritizing the needs of your customer first, you stand the chance of ranking better, keeping them on your site, and converting. The more often that occurs, the more authoritative your site will be and the more people you’ll bring in.

4. Improves brand awareness

Just by reaching the front page and climbing closer and closer to the top spot, the more touchpoints you’ll generate. Even if customers don’t click into your site, just by being there, potential customers will begin to associate your brand with those solutions.

5. It helps keep you informed

SEO changes all the time: Search engines are updated, different factors become important and other businesses are working on their own strategies to rank. This means that in order to execute SEO successfully, you need to stay informed about best practices, solutions, and changes.

While this may sound like more work, this is actually a benefit to your business as it keeps you informed about online processes. If you seem not to be able to keep up with the stress, hiring experts like i800 will do the job right for you.

6. It can be done on a budget

SEO is relatively inexpensive to implement, you can hire a specialist – i800 for recommendations or bring on an SEO-oriented role within your business. Investing in SEO comes with a long-term benefit to your business. And if rightly implemented,  it can be one of the best long-standing marketing solutions for your business that provides a continuous return on investment.

How To Track Effectiveness Of Your Online Marketing

The importance of owning a website and social media page for your local business in this digital era cannot be overemphasized. No doubt, local businesses around the world are experiencing a paradigm shift and are beginning to cover a large audience all thanks to digital marketing. But, just like the traditional method of calculating returns, how can you measure and maximize your ROI? As this becomes a necessity, it is important to regularly measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

To do that, use these five (5) metrics to measure the success of your digital  marketing efforts:

  1. Mobile Traffic: overlooking the effectiveness of mobile phones is one mistake most marketers make in digital marketing. More than half of digital traffic online comes from mobile apps, more of the reason why it is important to understand how many users access your site through mobile devices each month. You do that by examining your mobile traffic metrics, looking at how long they stay on your site, and comparing with non-mobile traffic metrics to see if users engage with your site more or less. This insight will enable you to enhance your site experience for users.

Statistics of mobile traffic metrics in 2022 by cisco

  1. Traffic Sources: what keywords are they using? Where is the browsing from? Are traffic sources you should employ to determine how users get to your website. To boost search traffic for your marketing effort important to your business, use branded keywords specific to your business.

3. Average Time Spent per Visit: the average time they spend on your content determines how engaging they find your content. The longer they stay, they enjoy your content.

4. New vs. Returning Traffic: The goal here should be to understand at the start of the campaign what is most important to you and make sure that you design a campaign to achieve that goal. In essence, if you’re looking to get as many new people to the site, look for the percentage of new traffic to increase. However, if you find that the typical consumer comes back to the site multiple times before making a purchase in-store or online, you may want to design a campaign that gets people coming back to the site and, in turn, examine the percentage of returning traffic.

5. Overall Site Traffic: Do you see a lift in overall traffic to the site during your campaign? Examining the lift in overall traffic to the website will help to give you a more complete picture beyond a click-through report.

These metrics may vary based on your own individual campaign, but the exciting news is that it will help you keep up with how well your digital marketing is performing. And if it will be a double task keeping up with business demands online and offline, let i800 handle all the stress for you with just a click.


How To Spell Digital Marketing; What To Type In Google Search For Best Digital Marketing Agency In Atlanta

Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing, but their actual processes differ, as digital marketing is considered more targeted, measurable, and interactive.

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologies. Digital marketing is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product, and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies scattered all over the internet but knowing where or how to locate the best digital marketing agency in your locale is key. Of course, the ‘where’ involves making use of google but the ‘how’ is what most people are confused about.

To save you the stress, look up i800 services, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Atlanta. With a team of professionals grounded in the field with years of experience be rest assured to enjoy the best of digital marketing.


Types Of Services You Can Hire i800 services Experts To Do For You; Popular Purchase

As trained professionals, we are created to achieve greatness and are targeted towards giving you the best quality.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Social media marketing: promote your brand or service using social media
  • Search engine optimization: improve your site and increase its visibility
  • Pay per Click (PPC): through ads drive traffic to your websites
  • Digital consulting: Achieve your goals in innovation and digital marketing transformation, keep you relevant in the market using information technology and digital channels.
  • Web Design: create an interactive user interface for your websites and apps services
  • Content Development: great contents are good drivers, do you need content? Let us know.
  • Business Automation: streamline your business for simplicity, increase service quality and achieve digital transformation.
  • Virtual IT Department: with our team of experts around the world, we make sure that our services are topnotch enough to keep you selling
  • And Create Brand Awareness

So, what are you waiting for? You have desired to own the market, allow i800 to become a reality.


More Digital Marketing Resources

Digital marketing no doubt is where the customers and money is, and with more smartphones penetrating the market, businesses now invest in online digital marketing with the sole aim of expanding and growing their business by building brand awareness, increasing profits, and retaining customers.

One challenging aspect of digital marketing is that it is always evolving as such, one needs to be armed with adequate knowledge in order to keep a steady flow of targeted traffic converting into leads and sales.

For up-to-date knowledge on digital marketing, you need digital marketing resources that can help you learn everything there is to know, gain in-depth perspectives, and stay up to date with current trends to help expand your business.

These are various digital marketing resources you can utilize,

  • Blogs
  • Online courses
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Social media communities
  • Online forums
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

For more ideas on how to get digital marketing resources, here is the i800 personalized strategy and the i800 helpful resources.  Additionally, here is the i800 on internet marketing. And here is the i800 on music and tech. And here is our i800 in IT Department. And here is an article where I give the argument that our Android apps are the i800 on Digital Technology.

And please check out and subscribe to the i800 YouTube channel where we cover many marketing topics.

Full List Of Words Used In Marketing Search

For an effective result on marketing search, these are the list of words you can use while looking out on how to improve your marketing skills and expand your business via digital marketing:

Conversion rate: the percentage of customers that take specific actions

Push marketing: marketing efforts designed to send targeted messages to a given set of potential or existing customers.

Call To Action(CTA): turns visitors into potential customers/buyers

Customer Lifetime Value: the worth to a business of a customer over a period of time, it is the measurement of how valuable a customer is to your company.

Organic Traffic: these are essentially free traffic generated from visitors that land on your website or social media pages from unpaid sources.

Search engine optimization: influencing a website’s visibility in a search engine’s organic, unpaid search results through generating backlinks, incorporating relevant keywords, publishing content, and using other techniques.

Return on investment:  measuring the benefit a company gains for the resources it puts into a project or investment.

Clicks Per Delivered (CTDR): indicates if text messages or messages that include images get more clicks.

Clicks Per Open (CPO): this gives you insight into the percentage of unique subscribers who opened your campaign and clicked on the link.

Open Rate: this is an email marketing metric that measures the percentage rate at which emails are opened.

Content marketing: marketing that’s focused on consistently creating and distributing high-quality, valuable content to attract, engage, and convert a targeted audience.

Get Help For Your Negative Reviews That Continually Hurt Your Business

Do you know that negative reviews can do as much harm as a bad product will do to your business? With everything going digital, bad news even spreads faster than the good ones.

Take a look at this review made by an unsatisfied customer of a restaurant.

Imagine me as a newbie and looking up this restaurant online, it will definitely be a no-go area for me. Because no matter how good their page looks online, nobody will want to spend their money where they will not get the value of what they paid for.

But with a digital marketing agency like i800, get out all the negative reviews that hamper your business image.

Get a review like this and much more buzzing on all your online business platforms.

Online reputation management is just one out of the numerous digital marketing services we provide.

And for starters, we have made a 20% exclusive discount just for you!


In addition, I can directly help you promote your business by helping you with your SEO and getting publicity and press coverage for your business. Here is how I can help you get large and positive exposure for your hard work.


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