Customized Proposal For The Headies
Gain Ultimate Success With The Finest I800 Services Professionals

Imagine having……..

Michael Jordan do your dunking for you.

SEO enables you access to millions of more potential prospects.

Having Gordon Ramsey do your cooking.

PPC helps increased conversions and high-impact CTR for better ROI.

Albert Einstein does your homework.

Content Marketing delivers value, converts visitors, and increases ranking.

But when you get my annual package, you get even more for less money.

Why do you need the services consistently throughout the year?

1. Your data don't inform credibility

My team found that your data do not inform your credibility compared to competitors-

2. Less impact on your global search

We’ve found that your popularity has less impact on your global search traffic.

3. Traffic surge during your last award event

Finally; by rare privilege, the Google search console and Google analytics data in the diagram below show your traffic surge during your last awards event compare to the rest of the year out, which suggests the immediate need for a professional to take over your search engine optimization in subsequent years as soon as possible


Everything we have pointed to in this document is not a secret to your counterpart in the same industry and niche. It is important for you to take immediate measurable decisions towards your data, being the building
block of your online credibility.

Why should you work with our team?

Shola Emmanuel, the convener, has over 8 years of professional experience working for top 3 global software companies and creating marketing plans for global brands like Google, Microsoft, UPS, Dove, Olay, Western hotels, Verizon, CBS; as well as small businesses, non-profit organizations, and startups.

*Creator of keywords finder web app, Instagram and wedding hashtag, and co-creator of problemio among other web apps which are some of the top planners for starting a business with 1,000,000+ downloads across IOS, Android, and Kindle.

*lead instructor of digital marketing at the general assembly, educating others and developing marketing template

MBA from The Wharton School
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