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best seo services testimonials

Here are some of the best SEO services testimonials from a few of my pleased clients so you don’t have to take my word for it.

I'm the director of a large established long-time family watch business, Shola and the i800services team do everything for us, their SEO and SEM skills are amazing. He was able to get all our competitive keywords to number 1 rankings on many organic search terms within 6 months and has continuously done it better!
Shabana M
I just hired i800services to remodel my website and perform some SEO work, and during that time, I spoke with Shola several times. I have nothing but praise for this man. The contractor we're all hoping to find is Shola! He has a great deal of experience and consistently goes above and beyond expectations with his delivery. We used all of his recommendations as well as additional services like local SEO and PPC, and everything was done perfectly. His pricing was very fair and competitive for someone with a team of specialists, and he stands by the work he does. He was honest and up in all of his interactions. Any questions or concerns that I had were promptly and knowledgeably addressed.

I highly recommend this company and will use no one else in the future.
Susan Royle

"I Totally Recommend..."

This is a professional that you can trust! 

Long story, but we hired shola when competition became so high locally for our HAVC business, traffic literally stopped, less calls each day and our former SEO agency couldn’t do anything about it. neither we nor the SEO agency would take responsibility for it.  Both blamed the other, which didn’t help us out at all!

We were fortunate enough to come across Shola’s company while doing an online search and we were thrilled that we had found a professional who would take responsibility for the business SEO.  Shola and his team examined the website, found the issue, and guaranteed that he would have our business ranking.  The rest is a story, we have never had it better since.  

If you are looking for someone who stands behind their work and will do what it takes to “make it right”, you have found him.

Shola and his team worked for a sister company, and he has received a lot of positive reviews in passive as a very effective digital marketer and SEO agency. I can also attest to the friendliness and expertise of his employees when I hired them to grow my YouTube channel. The work was of the best quality, and the website they created was cleaner than the one I originally had built by another man. I would not hesitate to recommend Shola and his company, i800services.
Kiara Vowles
A friend referred us to Shola close to 3 years ago when we bought a business over in Atlanta with the hope of immediately getting a return on our investments but it appears some of the existing customers had a long time relationship with the former owner and have a certain level of trust which would require more work to retain them. Shola creatively designed a marketing plan that includes some SEO and PPC campaigns that gradually and amazingly changed the game for us. Shola is a meticulous SEO contractor, taking the time to calculate and comprehend how things function in our business niche. He is also precise with his service recommendation and actually lets us know in advance what the outcomes would be. On top of all that, he is a great guy with a great sense of humor to have working in your office space when he occasionally comes in to see things for himself.
Dayo & David Neil
Due to the fact that we have renewed our monthly contract with i800services for another two years, Shola has worked for us multiple times during the previous two years. He is a diligent church SEO expert who is incredibly honest. He constantly aims to give 110% effort and is very educated about the services he provides.
Local Church in Florida
On behalf of Dr. Lanre at Tender Dentistry, I would like to thank you for getting us ahead all the time in the search result. A good number of our new customers came from Google and on many occasions from different locations. You were very courteous and respectful each time we complained during the initial few months, you saw the problems and took care of them. The attention to detail and arrival to scheduled appointments were without equal in your field of expertise. I know this is because Shola made it his priority to service each customer in an equitable and professional way. I will always be grateful for your service and advice.
Dr. Janet
We have known Shola for 7 years and have been customers of i800services ever since he started. We have always relied on Shola for his advice about our online growth, and social media needs. He is honest, thorough, and efficient.
Kelly & McGuire Lou
Throughout the entire process, Shola provided fantastic service. Unlike other companies, Shola didn't just try to sell us SEO; he actually took the time to figure out our services and explained to us what we did and didn't need to attain a better goal. We felt confident that there wouldn't be any hidden surprises, and that the quoted cost would actually be the final cost. When Shola and his team got to work, they were extremely professional and made sure that the job was done to *our* satisfaction, even though some results were far later than they expected. As Shola said to us more than once, This is the way I'd do it at the firm, so this is the way I'm doing it at yours.
Ginger Colin


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