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Computer technical support is everything today just as the internet. And with technological advancement, it is safe to say that business organizations need to secure their IT functions in order to increase the level of their productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, to keep your business records and operations running smoothly, you need the help of a computer technical support provider.

What is computer technical support?

Computer technical support are assistive services that is given to computer users, as a result of needs or problems that may arise with the software and with the hardware of their computers and networks.

No regular employee can perform this task as the process is demanding and requires an expertise with a more advanced knowledge in computer to maintain and manage all internal IT infrastructures.

Depending on the size of the business and its needs, companies must see the need to have their own technical services or a technical service with third parties.


Computer technical support is provided by a computer repair or support technician. A computer technical support service provider is an IT based support service provider in areas such as network-setup, database management, cloud computing and so much more. A computer technical support service provider is targeted at solving problems that are rather threats to your business and its database.

A computer technical support provider performs numerous tasks. One of which is to assist you fix a specific problem with your systems and through support and maintenance. Some of this tasks are related to the hardware while some are software related.


This includes activities such as the repairing of components of damaged computers, internal cleaning of computers, testing of motherboards, configuration of Bios, assembly of customized computers, updating of components, repair of power supplies, solution of overheating problems, installation of peripherals and the installation of networks.


Tasks such as installing all types of software, installing or updating operating systems, recovering lost data and creating backup copies, freeing up hard disk space, solving malware problems (viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc.) or the un-installation of unnecessary programs, are carried out.


Could it be that your computer has been affected by a virus, or you slipped and the screen broke? Or something is not just right with the keyboard? The gravity or cause of the problem goes a long way to determine the kind of technical support you will receive. Which brings us to the different types of computer technical support:

  • Phone calls or chat

This is mostly applicable by those who already have knowledge on how to fix software related problems but will need help to resolve one or two issues.

  • Remote assistance

With software like Anydesk, the computer technical support provider can fix software related problems remotely. The technician accesses the user’s computer remotely and takes control of it.

  • Face-to-face

This is usually a more expensive service that requires the computer technical support provider to go down to the place where the computer device is located. This is mostly a hardware related problem that involves physical displacement.

With emails, chats, special software and extensions a user can directly contact a computer technical support provider.



Getting to know the types of computer technical support available to you will enable you decide which you will employ.

First, every professional computer technical support is knowledgeable about the products which they are providing support for, except an unprofessional.

Knowing what your internal IT structure needs will enable choose the kind of tech support service you need.

So, when choosing a computer technical support provider be sure you settle so well with them in this area.

  • Block Hours

In block hours, the customer pays for a certain amount of time. The amount of time can vary in months, a year or years depending on the charges. It is known as the prepaid computer technical support system, usually a long-term payment. With it, a customer is less bothered of paying multiple bills at the end of the year.

  • Managed Services

Most small startup businesses involve in this kind of computer technical support service. But one challenging factor is their inability to be able to maintain an entire IT team which requires time, money and expertise.

Fortunately, there are types of managed computer technical support services to choose from based on your financial capabilities and budget.

The low-level manage computer technical support service comprises of the most fundamental business IT tasks such as software applications and system monitoring. The mid-level managed computer technical support service will provide you with the basic IT support but with a more complex technical service. Lastly, the high-level managed computer technical support service is the combination of the low-level and mid-level support service. This covers everything you need for your IT infrastructure.

With your budget and financial capability, you should be able to make a good choice with the aforementioned.

  • On-demand Tech Support

You don’t have to worry about paying for a long-term package when you can easily deal with an on-demand computer technical support service. With the on-demand computer technical support, support service providers are paid for each individual service they render.

As the name implies, these service providers are only contacted when the need arises.


In recent times, I have heard of how some computer technical support providers mismanaged an organization’s IT infrastructure. And instead of growing from normal to best, it has affected the level of their productivity and efficiency.

Outsource your organization’s IT support service to i800services tech support service and have yourself a fast-growing business in all ramifications – efficiency and productivity.

Aside increasing the efficiency and productivity of your organization with i800services, you can also save money. This is because our services are affordable and you would not want to invest in expensive software and equipment.


i800services provides varieties of services to businesses and individuals. This includes cloud service, help desk IT service, and spam protection. To see a comprehensive list of our services, see also SEO for small businesses, online reputation management, and music technology.

Computer technical support

At i800services, we also provide IT training to empower non-techie people or retain professionals in needed IT fields.

Check us out on our website to learn more on how to improve your business IT infrastructure.


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