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2About Us


i800services is the heart and soul of the IT support world. We influenced clients in all spheres of works including Education, Medicine, Journalism, Construction, Transportation, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs. We Support existing and onboarding staff in the day to day IT infrastructure for smooth business integration:

  1. Help staff with timesheet
  2. Help with remote desktop skills
  3. Help to organize work email/mails
  4. Help to manage password
  5. Help to access directories
  6. Help you with tickets and incidents
  7. Help automate word orders and files
  8. Help manage meeting applications
  9. Help engage basic user interface technologies
  10. Help with troubleshooting

Our team is referred to as the heart-beat of the IT support world. Certified team of professionals with years of working experience in major technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM. Trained helps you solve both difficult and meaningful problems by using technology.

Our team comprises

  1. Network Engineers – To ensure your computers always communicate effectively
  2. Hardware Technicians – For adequate replacement and repair of your components
  3. Desktop Support Specialists – Help to retain existing users and to ensure excellence with new customers